Sunday, July 31, 2011

Below are various video segments from Steve's phone...
Tooth Count in California just prior to moving to Texas.

Skylar still loves to hold Emmeline.

Here is a clip from our first trip to the Gulf-Coast beach.

Here is a clip of the kids just prior to bed time. They really enjoy spending time with each other.

The kids like to do horse races in the house. Here is one contestant to look out for.

Emmeline enjoying some time in the baby pool near our house. She's a water baby just like the rest of us.

Skylar showing off her diving board skills.

Cole cannot swim above water yet, however, that does not stop him from swimming under water. He loves to dive for things.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gulf Coast Beach Weekend

We had a fantastic time at Surfside Beach on Valentines weekend. We pratically had the beach to ourselves sine 65 degrees is too cold for the Locals. Everyone just drives right out on to the beach.

Sky loved feeding the seagulls untill dozens began swarming her fighting for food.

Sand art ruled the day, but we plan to bring buckets and shovels for sand castles next time.

After the Beach we drove the Blue Water Highway over to Galveston and rode the ferry to Bolivar Peninsula. Dolphins accompanied us across the bay while we passed a shipwreck and several barges. Bolivar showed many signs of Hurricane Ike but we did find one restaraunt still open. STINGEREY a seafood place uses discarded oyster shells to fill puddles in their parking lot. There is nothing like eating good seafood while watching the fishing boats come in. Though unwilling to eat them Cole would not put this little crawfish down.

Steve was in Heaven.

Sky's First Day of School in Kingwood

Dressed as a fifties girl, Sky's first day at her new preschool. She still complains that it's boring but somehow she always has big smiles at the end of the day and loves her new class mates.

Halloween 2010

EMMELINE continued the family tradition being a baby dragon on her first Halloween. She was quite a show stopper during the five minutes she was actually awake.

COLE the giraffe practiced the policy of "one for you, one for me"

Steve went all out at the trunk-or-treat rigging giant spiders which dropped down on unsuspecting kids. He successfully freaked plenty of innocents. Interestingly the little ones didn't mind the creepy spiders but rather the Dads shrieked like little girls.

Too cute! For all to enjoy.

These days we are happy if just one is paying attention to the camera.

SKY the spooky witch enjoys torturing her pet dinosaur.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, November 9, 2008


We successfully conducted our second Halloween party. Even though it rained all day long the skies cleared long enough for this little dragon and lady bug to get their grove on. Sky played with the puppies all night and bobbed for apples. Cole tried to get his first taste of hand dipped corn dog (a'la Blane Sannar) but had to settle for a nibble of grandma's donuts. All in all a very fun night. We'll see if we forget how much work throwing this party was and be ambitious again next year. At the very least it beats sitting at home slaving to trick-or-treaters.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moore on Cole

Cole is five months old an has really packed on the pounds. He continues to be an easy kid except when he is not getting his food fast enough. He just cut his first tooth and he thinks he's ready to sink it into anything he can get his hands on. Tonight at farmers market he tried to eat Sky's dinner while she wasn't looking.

Cole is quite the charmer. He can't help but smile when anyone looks at him. And he loves when people try to make him laugh. With those gorgeous blue eyes and adorable dimple he is simply irresistible.

Blessing on June 1, 2008